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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Monster Breeding Database Overhaul

Now that breeding is an important part of the Monster Tamers series, I realize that I need to do some work on on the database before I can continue with the main game. As it is now, everything about the breeding process is complete, from the visual frills down to the code. However, the breeding database (that tells you what two things equal what) has only the very basic combinations for most monster families.

I spent the morning giving both the Slime and Beast families all of their possible combinations, meaning there is code to produce every Slime type monster there is and Every Beast type monster. That was about 700 lines of code, so I expect the entire breeding script to be over 3,500 lines of code. It seems a bit daunting a first, but in all honesty its really just busywork. I've gotten adding mosnters down to a science as far as the breeding list goes. If I keep it up, the Mosnter Breeding Database will be done in a month.