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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 3: The Grand Demo itself!

Download Daibouken Demo v1.2!!!
Well, that that's. The last and the most important day of the launch party has come, so grab version 1.2 without a moments delay. Later, I may put up some reviews and reactions to it if you'd rather here what other people have to say before trying it. And if you simply want to see it, scroll down to Day 2 for the videos. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 2: Demo v1.2 Speed Run!


Now that you have been warned, check out these vids:

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Party Day 1: Screenshot Blitz!

As promised, the first day of festivities is a barrage of screenshots. As you can see, the map no longer has that old, almost faded look of Link to the Past. Now it features the much brighter feel of Minish Cap. And now for 11 screens and some commentary.

Click the image for a full-size view!

1:Link surrounded by... hay?
2:To find treasure, one must play hopscotch over water.

3:Don't stay underwater too long! Just look at how much your HP dropped!
4:The Slvr Sword! Can't wait to forge it into the Rzr!

5:Everyone knows Chain Chomps float over water.
6:A random Hylian Guard watches link solve the puzzle.

7:Yeah, we get it. Link's got hops.
8:Ah! The room radiates when a treasure is found.

9:Another pic showing off the uses of the Arbot's Bow.
10:Wait... you can pull stones now? Blasphemy!

11: And finallly, hit that switch!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Announcing: The Feature Demo v1.2 Three Day Launch Party!!

Yes, you read right. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the three day Daibouken Feature Demo v1.2 Launch Party. After the success of Demo v1.0, it was only a matter of time before U Division released an update to it. I planned on doing so after it reached 100 downloads, but I kind of forgot to and as of now Demo v1.0 had been downloaded 118 times! Sounds like a good number to me.

I'm pretty much finished with it now, but I think it wouldn't hurt to fix a couple of things and maybe make it a little longer. Basically, each day of this "party" I will release a certain piece of media for the game. Here's a list to clarify:

Thursday - All Screenshots released
Friday - A video of the entire Demo (If you don't want to spoil the Demo, don't watch)
Saturday - The Demo itself is released.

Now to answer the questions that are bound to be raised.

New Features/Updates:
  1. HUD Display
  2. Weapon Change and the use of 4 different Weapons (Wooden Sword, Bombs, Slvr Sword, Arbot's Bow)
  3. Pulling (Forgot that you could only push stones in the last one)
  4. Fixed Glitches
  5. Pretty much 100% Minish Cap graphics
  6. About 6-10 minutes of gameplay
  7. Humorous and helpful NPCs to further explain features

I don't see any mention of the Bouken Battle System on that list. Does that mean I still can't fight monsters yet?
  • Yes and no. True, there is no Bouken Battle System on the v1.2, but that doesn't mean you can't fight monsters. Just like in any Zelda game, sometimes you need to use your weapon to indirectly kill a monster. I don't want to give too much away or it'll ruin a nice surprise in the new demo.

I haven't played Demo v1.0. Should I even bother?
  • No, you shouldn't. V1.2 is better in every way. If you're really that eager, give v1.0 a download but it'd be a better idea to just wait for the bigger, better and badder Demo v1.2.

I've played Demo v1.0. It was great and all but should I even bother with the v1.2 after experiencing the first?
  • You definitely need to try out the second even if you've fiddled around with the first. I wont lie and say there is a groundbreaking difference, but v1.2 does offer a but look at what direction Daibouken is headed in. It's shaping up to be more Zelda-y so I suggest you take a look.
V1.0 was not much of a challenge. Will v1.2 be harder?
  • Well, correct me if I am wrong... but are YOU ASKING ME FOR A CHALLEEEENGE!!! Okay, HomeStar Runner reference aside, v1.2 doesn't add much in the difficulty department so far. But, I will say it is harder. One of the major reasons is that you can actually die. Yes, now that the HUD system is up, you can see your HP. Those monsters that bump you take about 1 HP, and the the things with blades on them that move from side to side do a bit more, about 4 HP.

What happened to Demo v1.1?
  • I had originally planned to release v1.1 when the site passed 5,000 hits. It was going to be more of a glitch fix then anything. Basically, to further polish off the the first demo without adding to much content. I decided it wasn't a big enough leap, and, instead, did not release it.

What happened to all of the character art you promised?
  • Well... I never really got around to that. Maybe during summer.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

C Division launches with a BANG!

That's right! The third branch of the triune has made it's debut. This member of the ICU Gigasoft team has come out swinging and in full throttle. Not only is his website up, he's also gone ahead and made a video for his project. It too is a Zelda-type game, but is a much different kind then Daibouken. If you want to see his trailer, go on over to his new site. There is a High Quality download.

So now you have all three: I Division's (Wave Bossa) Creations, C Division Works, and U Division Games!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Demo v1.0 is being reworked, expect Demo v1.2 soon!

The title pretty much tells you all you need to know, but I might as well add on to that. Yes, I am currently updated the long overdue version of the demo. I'm not quite sure what I want to show off right now, but I do have a few guarantees. After all, it's v1.2, so it won't be too big of a jump.

Here's a list of what to expect so far:
-All features from Demo 1.0
-New Minish Cap graphics
-HUD display system
-Ability to change and use different weapons for puzzle solving

I'll keep you posted on this new demo as I get more work done in it. It's surprising I've done anything on Daibouken seeing as how it's spring break. That just shows how dedicated I am.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Division is on board as well. Announcing, Project ICU

After getting whiff of the plans the C and U Division had of creating a co-operative game, I Division decided to lend a helping hand as well to make it a three pronged attack for success. However, how far this project will get is still really up in the air, and not too much about it is concrete yet. We've gone over the basics of the plot and game mechanics though. As of now, the battle system will probably be pretty standard, but with 27 total classes, 3 main heroes and one pet type dealie. As more info becomes available, you'll here from us.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A new game by C and U Division?

It's possible. At this point, the two divisions notorious for their collaborations maybe willing to try this again. Right now, we only have basic plot ideas, game play, and game mechanics thought out. Don't get your hopes up though, this game (codenamed Project CU) may not even come to be. And considering our track record of tag-team game making, you really shouldn't get your hopes up.

Our last attempt: Samuris Bros 2: The Boys are Back?
This was a parody of the very first game we ever made. It stunk just as badly. Notice, we did not know how to spell "Samurai."

However, we do plan on trying our best. We want to make a game that focuses on plot and has a good story. A good solid RPG without too many ambitious bells and whistles. Something solid, worth playing, and likely to be finished. We want to avoid the lame cliches that we use too much in other projects. Simply put, we want to do it BIG. More details should be out by the end of March.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daibouken: Almost a year in production...

...and I have yet to even think about quitting. That's a good sign for someone notorious of starting but never finishing his projects. The fire of working on the Zelda game has not died out in the least. Especially since this the first time I've ever gotten close to finishing any of the major systems of the game. The CMS and CBS are looking better each time I work on them, and, to my surprise, I can actually see an end in sight. I've already done about 90% of the unique coding, the rest is copy, pasting, and slight alteration.

To celebrate Daibouken's birthday, I'll try to whip up something special... You'll see.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Media: The Second Coming of Soccer

This video has been up for a week, because it was supposed to be last Friday's Media. However, I will put it up now. This soccer video has been made with footage C Division recorded from the Fifa 07 game. Some jukes mixed with good clips and music make for a fine video. Check it out. He'd appreciate some comments or ratings.

Shrinking Daibouken: The Change to Minish Cap Graphics

Wow. Now doesn't that look really nice? This is the future of Daibouken. Yes, for some reason I had started off Daibouken using a Minish Link but Link to the Past tilesets. To be honest, this was all becuase of availablility. I thought that to use the Minish Cap sprites, I'd have to make the chipsests myself. That's what I had to do for Mario, and look what happened to him. It's been a year since I started Daibouken. In that time, lots more Minish Cap CharaSets and ChipSets have been made. I'm sure there is a sufficent amount of them, although I must admit LttP had more.

So, I will now officially announc that Daibouken will be fully Minish Cap now. Actually, the Weapon Icons will still be Ocarina of Time/ Majora's Mask. Simply put, Minish looks much richer and detailed and actually fits with the version of Link I'm using. You'll be seeing Minish Screenshots from now on.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

All in a days work!

I guess I deserve a pat on the back for this accomplishment. In only a day I was able to finish coding and spriting the shield equipment screen for the Custom Menu System. This has been a relatively productive week, and this is just evidence of that. In order to do this, I had to make 5 of the 8 different shield sprites myself, and had to code the menu part as well. All I have left are Tunics, Caps, and Accessories before the Equipment screen (probably the most important part of the menu) is finished. Go me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tuss's REAL debut: Tuss VS Kai video!

Thanks to a mistake pointed out to me by the C Division, no where on this site can you download his Mugen creation, Tuss. Oops, my bad. I had made the changes to the Mugen Page, but had not uploaded the newer version that included Tuss. After a month, this was finally pointed out as I said. I guess now that Tuss is having his true induction into the team, he deserves a neat video as well. Expect the video to be put on U-Tube later.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Something to add to the "Complete" List

Yup, I finally finished off something that should have been done a while ago. For my Bouken Battle System, I needed a bunch of sprites for Link using different weapons. I found a really good sprite sheet, but it would take time to turn those raw sprites into an organized sets (CharaSets, BattleSets, Chipsets, etc...) and finally, into animation. Well, for all of Link's weapon he now has the corresponding animation to go with it. I don't have a specific list of things to do for the BBS but if I did, that would no longer be on it.

Bouken Battle System: 70% Complete.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wave Bossa's develpers blog launches!!

This must be a record. Three posts in one day? You better believe it. Our brother site has finally got of it's feet! Behold, Wave Bossa (AKA I Division) has finally gotten around to making that developers blog he's been talking about.

YouTube, no wait, I mean U-Tube Launches!

Ha ha ha, boy I am I clever. Well, actually that's not true seeing as how it took me forever to realize that there wasn't a web page of the site that'd give the link to all of our videos: Also, notice the head frame and left frame of the site have been updated to match the recent... updates. For those of you who are just accessing the blog and not the web page, the link is right here:


ICU Gigasoft no longer just "U Division"

Finally, the other two members have begun to pull their weight around here. First off, we have the smash hit Fifa 07 music video by the C Division. The song is "The Second Coming" and it shows off some crazily cool moves. Every one who watches it once usually ends up watching it 3 more times because it's that good.

Secondly, we have the long quite I Division who promises some sort of developer blog for the internet phenomenon, "K'oss." Seriously folks, a quick search of Youtube for "K'oss" and "Mugen" will find you some vids of various people pitting there own creations against the fiery beast.

Expect a link to the C Division's music video and I Division's Blog in the near future.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Feel Free to Comment

Although most of you who visit this site come from the various RPG Maker forums Daibouken is posted in, I know that does not apply to all of you. For that matter, I would like to say that any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated. Whether its a simple comment like "looks nice" or deeper input or even a question. Thanks in advance.

[Edit: Fixed some minor grammatical errors]

Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Media: Sheild GIF

Well, although it arrived late, it still arrived. The first Friday Media piece is none other than Link... shielding. Having just finished transforming raw sprites into beautiful animation, I celebrated by making this small GIF with a cool GIF making program.

I can now officially say that the shielding feature of the Bouken Battle System is 100% done.