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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Announcing: The Feature Demo v1.2 Three Day Launch Party!!

Yes, you read right. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the three day Daibouken Feature Demo v1.2 Launch Party. After the success of Demo v1.0, it was only a matter of time before U Division released an update to it. I planned on doing so after it reached 100 downloads, but I kind of forgot to and as of now Demo v1.0 had been downloaded 118 times! Sounds like a good number to me.

I'm pretty much finished with it now, but I think it wouldn't hurt to fix a couple of things and maybe make it a little longer. Basically, each day of this "party" I will release a certain piece of media for the game. Here's a list to clarify:

Thursday - All Screenshots released
Friday - A video of the entire Demo (If you don't want to spoil the Demo, don't watch)
Saturday - The Demo itself is released.

Now to answer the questions that are bound to be raised.

New Features/Updates:
  1. HUD Display
  2. Weapon Change and the use of 4 different Weapons (Wooden Sword, Bombs, Slvr Sword, Arbot's Bow)
  3. Pulling (Forgot that you could only push stones in the last one)
  4. Fixed Glitches
  5. Pretty much 100% Minish Cap graphics
  6. About 6-10 minutes of gameplay
  7. Humorous and helpful NPCs to further explain features

I don't see any mention of the Bouken Battle System on that list. Does that mean I still can't fight monsters yet?
  • Yes and no. True, there is no Bouken Battle System on the v1.2, but that doesn't mean you can't fight monsters. Just like in any Zelda game, sometimes you need to use your weapon to indirectly kill a monster. I don't want to give too much away or it'll ruin a nice surprise in the new demo.

I haven't played Demo v1.0. Should I even bother?
  • No, you shouldn't. V1.2 is better in every way. If you're really that eager, give v1.0 a download but it'd be a better idea to just wait for the bigger, better and badder Demo v1.2.

I've played Demo v1.0. It was great and all but should I even bother with the v1.2 after experiencing the first?
  • You definitely need to try out the second even if you've fiddled around with the first. I wont lie and say there is a groundbreaking difference, but v1.2 does offer a but look at what direction Daibouken is headed in. It's shaping up to be more Zelda-y so I suggest you take a look.
V1.0 was not much of a challenge. Will v1.2 be harder?
  • Well, correct me if I am wrong... but are YOU ASKING ME FOR A CHALLEEEENGE!!! Okay, HomeStar Runner reference aside, v1.2 doesn't add much in the difficulty department so far. But, I will say it is harder. One of the major reasons is that you can actually die. Yes, now that the HUD system is up, you can see your HP. Those monsters that bump you take about 1 HP, and the the things with blades on them that move from side to side do a bit more, about 4 HP.

What happened to Demo v1.1?
  • I had originally planned to release v1.1 when the site passed 5,000 hits. It was going to be more of a glitch fix then anything. Basically, to further polish off the the first demo without adding to much content. I decided it wasn't a big enough leap, and, instead, did not release it.

What happened to all of the character art you promised?
  • Well... I never really got around to that. Maybe during summer.

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