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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Super Pocket RPG: Monster Tamers announced

Finally, after too long of a wait, the newest entry into the U Division line-up has been revealed. However, it may have to be done in bits and pieces. I've decided that rather then make new pages using the old U Division template, it would be better and more accessible to just post them instead, and then just update the frame on the left with the most useful links. The first of these updates along with more information on Super Pocket RPG: Monster Tamers should be up soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

U Divisoin to reboot this fall

I know, this past summer has been glaringly scarce when it comes to updates. Probably less then five total posts for the summer months. With all my free-time you'd think I'd be able to remember to post everyone once in a while. However, U Division will begin updating more frequently once again. Also, we will be introducing a new game shortly that has a LOT of potential if I can stick with it. Be sure to check back here sometime next week for more content updates and the unveiling of the new project.

Also, we here at U Division realize that some of you might actually want to know what we are working on when we say "we're working on project X." Well, I promise that we'll introduce a series of exponentially more detailed updates that deal specifically with what we're working on. Instead of "I worked a little on Zelda," it would be "I've begun converting the the first dungeon to Minish Cap graphics and have been implementing the Neo Bouken Battle System." Be on the lookout for more posts in the upcoming weeks.