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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Version 1.2.4 Out!!

Version 1.2.4 for Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds has just been released. It has some badge balancing that people far into the game will appreciate.

1.2.4 Fixes
- Mario's Battle Stance takes 3 SP
- Edited Luck's Last Stand's, Critical Rush, Lucky Touch's, Final Strike, so they're not as cheap.
- Konnor Typo

Download it here:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Over 3000+ Downloads!!

Last post for the day (most likely),

I just wanted to let everyone know that passed 3000 downloads a few days ago. Thanks to everyone who played the game to make this possible.

Starlite Worlds Walkthrough Videos on Yotube

Hey Guys,

There have been some playthroughs of Starlite Worlds on Youtube you could check out if you want to see how other people are playing the game. I've noticed three so far that look like they could go the distance. There was a post about them on the forums. Have a look.

Starlite Worlds 1.2.3. Update!!

Yesterday, we put up version 1.2.3 of Starlite Worlds. The fixes are as follows.

1.2.3 Fixes
- Typos
- Rolling Billows cutscene glitch if return late in game.
- Final Strike does Criticals 60% of the time and costs 5 BP.
- "Splash Hammer Finish" fixed
- Wuzzel Woods blocks re-entry fixed.
- Safety Boots Badge for Mario gettable

The main fix being the Final Strike Badge so it's as game breaking now, but still useful.

Check it Out