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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mario RPG:SS's Incredible Progress

U Division here.

Mario's coming along really well right now. The demo showed off the first "Adventure," but now we are in the middle of Adventure 4 (aka, the third Sage) story wise. The game slows down and developes after the first Sage, so the game is easily 6 times as long if you already know what to do. It'll be even longer for first timers and if you stop for side-quests. But we haven't only been progressing the main plotline, we've added and reworked other features as well.

Updated/New Game Features:

  • Power Suits- Like in the Mario Platformers, equipping these gives your characters a new special skill only usable by that suit. There are 8 suits for each character, with 2 being unique to that specific person. Each suit has at least two extra special skills.
  • Pentagles (Star Pieces)- This mysteriously growing fragments can be found throughout the world. Use them to unlock Extra features.
  • Interactive Maps/Puzzles- Hammer, Jumping, and upgrades to both will be essential to some of the puzzle solving in the game.
Updated/New Game Elements:
  • Public Transportation- Throughout Mario's quest, he'll board the flying Voom Shroom, the Cactus Kingdom Ferry, traverse the Intercontinetal Pipe System, a trans-desert Wiggler Bus, and more!
  • Mini-Games- Super Mario Bros. EX, Super Mario's Pipe Panic, Yoshi's Eggventure, the Yoshi Races, Yahoo Surfing, and more to come!