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Friday, February 20, 2009

Action Game Maker... The Possibilities

Screenshot of Platformer Sample Game

Due to the recent release of the Action Game Maker sample games, and the eminent release of the program itself, it's only natural that we at ICU Gigasoft are curious about what it means for us. I've played the games myself, and have read about some of the new features in this new game maker engine from Enterbrain. I'm impressed with the features, the frame-rate, and functionality. It seems like a solid addition to the line of Makers. But again, what does it mean for us?

Until we get our hands on it come this March, it's really hard to say. Of course, there is the initial allure of beign able to make platformers and action rpgs (who really cares about shooters?) like Mario and Zelda. But, beyond that, what else is there? I'm sure the system is flexible enough to be limited to our imaginations, such as what scripting did to XP and VX. However, that imagination of mine is kind of drawing a blank. My best idea so far is a possible move of Daibouken from 2003 to AGM. Other than that, it wont' be until we play around with the new Maker that we'll be able to understnad it's possibilites for ICU Gigasoft.