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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages - The Luigi Chronicles, New Details

For those of you who don't lurk our forums, here's some new info:

What is The Luigi Chronicles?
The Luigi Chronicles is an expansion for the RPG Maker 2003 game "Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages." It has been in the planning stages for quite some time, and is finally getting closer to release.

How does TLC fit in with the rest of the game?
The several expansion packs of TLC can be played simultaneously with the rest of the Seven Sages. As you play Seven Sages and explore the world, you'll unlock new TLC-exclusive quests that you can access from Jerry's House.

Who is Jerry?
Jerry is an old ally of Luigi's from a different world. He has been stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom after some horrible event on his home world, and desperately seeks a way back home to see if his world is all right. Doing quests for Jerry accumulates the resources he needs to build a trans-world teleporter that he'll use to go back home. You might be able to follow him when he's done...

Is TLC just new areas to go to?
Nope, the first several expansions will be quests that take places in familiar Seven Sages areas. However, during a quest you'll see things in those old levels that you've never seen before! A swarm of Fighter Fly's in the Mushroom Plains? A Magikoopa gathering in the Haunted House? Monsters in Bean Town? All is possible. And not to mention new enemies and areas that expand upon Seven Sages.

TLC-Only Features
Implemented Features
-Quest Based Gameplay
-Quest Rewards and Special Items
-Weapon/Armor/Item Forging
Planned Features
-Rare Monsters (Some battle groups will randomly have a rarer, tougher monster)
-Modded Suits

More New Details
TLC will introduce "Modded Suits." These are tweaked versions of the suits found in Seven Sages. They have different stats and resistances. Although they have similar skill sets, the elements, power, cost or any other stat may be different. They are not necessarily stronger, but most are.

They tentatively include:
Mario & Luigi Suits
Blue Badger (Tanooki Suit Mod)
Ice Suit (Fire Suit Mod)
Dark Beam Suit (Beam Suit Mod)
Sledge Suit (Hammer Suit Mod)

Mario Suits
Croak Suit (Frog Suit Mod)

Luigi Suits
Mr. M Suit (Mr. L Mod)
Poltergust 2 (Poltergust Mod)

Questing Info
-This is going on during the main game of Seven Sages. Quests are unlocked as new areas become available. However, a large part of the quests will only be available after you get 7 sages.

-You can read the objectives, rewards, and basic info of a quest before deciding whether or not to take it.

-"Urgent Quests" must be completed to advance the story, and typically unlock new quests for you.

-Even if the quest is to fight something as simple as a Goomba, don't right it off. Quest Monsters give different loot than normal ones. The Quest Monster will be marked with an indicator so you know which one on the map it is.

-You can re-do quests as many times as you want. You can only have one quest active at a time. You can't "fail" a quest. It's either you do it or you don't

-Quests don't have a time limit, but they do keep track of how long it takes you to finish one. If you finish slower than the expected time, your rewards will be halved. In other words, don't start a quest and completely forget about it until later.

-Some quests have special objectives. Completing them will give you unique bonus items.

-The first time you complete a quest might also give you a special item.