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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Present: Side-Project Screenies!

Side projects galore!


A few images:

Monday, December 27, 2010

SMRPG: The Starlite Worlds Demo 2.0 is nearing the testing stage

As explained in the title, C-Division and I are working towards releasing the highly anticipated second demo. Right now we're still adding new content (one last side-quest and cutscene) before we playthrough the game ourselves. After that, we'll open it to members of our forum to beta-test and debug it. After that, we'll upload it for the public. So if you really can't wait, and want to help out, join our forums so you can be the first to get your hands on it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages patch 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 released!

*1.6.1 was released too, but the title of this post neglected to mention that until now.

Download Here

Change Log

Fixed Bugs/Typos

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SMRPG: Seven Sages patch v1.5.4b to 1.5.4c working!

The patch has been re-uploaded! Downloads should work now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Download Page: Super Mario RPG - The Starlite Worlds

Release Trailer -

This is the official download post for all SMRPG:SW links.


Full Game: Media Fire Link (365 MB)

Current Version: 1.4.1

1.4.1 Fixes
- Additional location to find "Flower Saver" badge for Luigi
- Once the Pit of 100 Trials has been cleared, the floor can be chosen in subsequent attempts
- Typos
- Fixed confetti showing up
- POW DEF badge and POW SPC badge swaps are fixed
- Spots where you can't progress in Rosalina's Road Rage fixed

1.4.0 Fixes
- The tokens/coin exchange works.
- Game is open source

1.3.2 Fixes
- Mouse no longer affects selection in Menu (yay)
- TEC Minion of the Moment fixed again
- Tile passability fix in Meta City
- Bio Pirhana enemy in Lonestar Lands fixed
- Basic shops added to Stone Curd Ruins & Bowser Castle Escape chapter
- Enemies of Cheddar Desert and & Bowser Castle Escape chapter are slightly weaker
- Kammy's DEF slightly raised
- Kappin's DEF slightly raised
- Spinalots DEF slightly lowered and POW slightly raised
- Court Scene Typos fixed & other typos

1.3.1 Fixes
- Tile passability fix in Krawlin Caves
- Typo in hammer tutorial
- Rolling Billows air elevator fixed
- TEC comes online automatically after progressing past a certain point.
- Tose. T "whenever" typo
- Instructions for installing fonts added

1.3.0 Fixes
- Monster of the Month back online
- New Side Content Battle added

1.2.5 Fixes
- Typos
- D-Down Pound "Finish" for Mario
- Secret Boss's Death in battle is fixed
- Fixed battle song still playing after secret boss

1.2.4 Fixes
- Mario's Battle Stance takes 3 SP
- Edited Luck's Last Stand's, Critical Rush, Lucky Touch's, Final Strike, so they're not as cheap.
- Konnor Typo

1.2.3 Fixes
- Typos
- Rolling Billows cutscene glitch if return late in game.
- Final Strike does Criticals 60% of the time and costs 5 BP.
- "Splash Hammer Finish" fixed
- Wuzzel Woods blocks re-entry fixed.
- Safety Boots Badge for Mario gettable

1.2.2 Fixes
- Throne Room in Rolling Billows people and dialogue fixed.
- Numerous Typos fixed
- Escape Escape! and Fleet Feet badges fixed

1.2.1 Fixes
- Bug causing Combo Assist to give random states such as Paralyzed or Fainted.
- Bug when returning to two of the boss rooms in the Morterers and the KK Bases.
1.2 Fixes
- Passability error in West Cheddar Desert
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary (completely now)
- Fixed Mixing of Technical and Technical+ Ores
1.1 Fixes
- Metal Ore + Light Ore is fixed to make Glowing Metal Ore.
- Fixed being able to walk across a sand pathway in Cheddar Desert without hitting a switch.
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary.

You can redownload and just place your "Save01" file in the new folder.

Archive stuff...
Demo v2.02 (Single Download, no patching needed!)
Demo v 2.02 (207 MB) [SendSpace Link]
Demo v2.02 (207 MB) [4Shared Link]

OLD (Ignore everything here, this is just for archives sake):
Demo v1.1 (88 MB) [Mediafire Link]
Demo v1.1 to 2.02 Patch (130 MB) [Mediafire Link] [Fixed Link]
Missing Music File <-Download and extract this to the Audio/BGM folder after applying the patch.
*Audio (116 MB) [Mediafire Link]
*Extract the audio into the game folder before patching.

-Extract the demo to a folder called "Super Mario RPG The Starlite Worlds."  You may not be able to patch unless you name it that.
-Demo v1.1 saves WILL NOT WORK with any other versions. Delete them or move them out of the game folder.
-Download the base file (Demo v1.1) before applying the patch

Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages v1.5.1 patch released!

Get the patch! It's not even a megabyte!

Change Log
-New "Sage Boss Battle Mode!" Re-fight all of the boss battles involving the capture of Sages.
(Seven Bosses, one free full heal at the halfway point)

-"Reflect" skill buffed to last 3 turns
-Koopatrols drop new item "Big Shell"
-Tribal Shy Guys drop new item "Tribal Spear"
-Tribal Goombas drop new item "Tribal Spear"
-Different types of Boo drop items such a "Ghost Bag", "Dark Ghost Bag", and "Big Ghost Bag"

-Attack item "Big Shell" added. (Calls skill "Big Shell Drop")
-Attack item "Tribal Spear" added. (Calls skill "Spear Throw")
-Buff item "Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to an ally for 1 turn.)
-Buff item "Dark Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to an ally for 3 turns.)
-Buff item "Big Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to party for 3 turns.)

Fixed Bugs/Typos

-t's a pleasure to see you Mario! (Fixed)
-Walk anywhere in Bowser's Castle Entrance the second time (Fixed)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages v1.5.0 released!

Once you download this, you'll be able to download a file that patches your game to the latest version! The patch file will be no more that 5 MB!

A list of minor bugs that have been fixed since v1.4:

-Clulex sez "Your spirit is stong" (FIXED)
-Forest Sage area event repeats (FIXED)
-You can save anytime after the Bowser???? fight (FIXED)
-Piranha Fang item takes MP (FIXED)

If there are any other bugs you know of, report them and the fixes will be int he v1.5.1 patch file!

Monday, March 29, 2010

SS: v1.5 to be reuploaded later

Sorry about the inconvenience, but the first v1.5 was incomplete (I should have realized this when it was 20 megs smaller. I mean, zip compression isn't that good.)

For now you'll just have two options of downloading v1.4: a 160mb ZIP file, or a two part, ~80mb each RAR file.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Seven Sages to receive DLC, new DL method

First things first, go to the download page and download v1.5. The new download is a single ZIP file and is more convenient. It has some minor fixes, but it's main purpose is to set up the future ability to support Downloadable Content (DLC)

Visit the download page here

And speaking of DLC...

That's all the info you're getting right now! :P

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

Name announced!

About SMRPG: Seven Sages v1.4

Even though it's been over half a year since the release of Seven Sages, it still seems like certain people have problems playing the game. I'm going to be blunt; it doesn't make any sense. Some people have made perfect walk-throughs of the game on youtube, it's been discussed throughly on our forums by many people, and of course many people have beaten the game.

However, at the same time, there are those who have yet to even begin playing because of some random problems. Like I said before, this doesn't make sense. If it works on some computers, and not on others, what's the problem? And more importantly, can we fix it?

I'm afraid the answer is leaning towards "no" at the moment. At the very least we can ask if people experiencing this problems have ever played an RPG Maker game before on their computer. Other than that, it seems as if there's a technical problem beyond our capabilities of fixing it.

To those not able to play Seven Sages, we're sorry. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy Starlite Worlds, our next offering which should prove to be even better.