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Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages v1.5.1 patch released!

Get the patch! It's not even a megabyte!

Change Log
-New "Sage Boss Battle Mode!" Re-fight all of the boss battles involving the capture of Sages.
(Seven Bosses, one free full heal at the halfway point)

-"Reflect" skill buffed to last 3 turns
-Koopatrols drop new item "Big Shell"
-Tribal Shy Guys drop new item "Tribal Spear"
-Tribal Goombas drop new item "Tribal Spear"
-Different types of Boo drop items such a "Ghost Bag", "Dark Ghost Bag", and "Big Ghost Bag"

-Attack item "Big Shell" added. (Calls skill "Big Shell Drop")
-Attack item "Tribal Spear" added. (Calls skill "Spear Throw")
-Buff item "Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to an ally for 1 turn.)
-Buff item "Dark Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to an ally for 3 turns.)
-Buff item "Big Ghost Bag" added. (Grants invincibility to party for 3 turns.)

Fixed Bugs/Typos

-t's a pleasure to see you Mario! (Fixed)
-Walk anywhere in Bowser's Castle Entrance the second time (Fixed)

1 comment:

Gaius Atrius said...

The patch doesn't seem to install properly.

I've installed v1.5.0, but it's telling me I have the wrong version.