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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Mario RPG: Seven Sages v1.5.0 released!

Once you download this, you'll be able to download a file that patches your game to the latest version! The patch file will be no more that 5 MB!

A list of minor bugs that have been fixed since v1.4:

-Clulex sez "Your spirit is stong" (FIXED)
-Forest Sage area event repeats (FIXED)
-You can save anytime after the Bowser???? fight (FIXED)
-Piranha Fang item takes MP (FIXED)

If there are any other bugs you know of, report them and the fixes will be int he v1.5.1 patch file!


Gaius Atrius said...

Glad to see this is out.
Will it work with my pre-existing save files? (from v1.4)

Either way, I'll try it out immediatly.

Gaius Atrius said...

I tested it. It works like a dream!
Savefiles from v1.4 are compatible.

U Division said...

Awesome, thanks!

I should be releasing v1.5.1 today or tomorrow which will add some actual new content (new items, a boss battle mode, and buffs/nerfs to some skills.) I'm making a list on the forum.