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Friday, June 15, 2007

Bouken Battle System gets a functionality upgrade

This post has been long overdue, so it's about time I make it. As you may know, the Bouken Battle System was quite a rather lengthy and bug-prone bit of code to have in my game. The only way to implement it without it interfering was to make battles take place in select rooms. Well, that's not going to happen. Rather than take the wimp's way out, I've decided to refine and strengthen my code for the BBS. In the course of two days (only a couple of hours spent reworking it) I finished the Neo-BBS. Everything the old had to offer sans the possible bugs.

In addition to changing the code, I've also opted to simplify the whole RPG element. Much like the game, Super Paper Mario, the focus will be more on puzzle solving then RPG. Don't worry, you'll still get to fight and level up and all of that, but you'll find yourself more concerned with figuring out the answer to a difficult puzzle. Gaining levels will only increase your stats slightly, if at all, but you will gain levels frequently. In fact, you only need to defeat 3 monsters in the first dungeon to get to level 2.

More Bouken Battle System Information:
Here is a shot of the "Status Screen."
As you can see, Link is pretty weak. But more importantly, it is best that I explain the meaning behind the stats.

Power: (ATK) Link's strength rating.
Dexterity: (DEF) Link's defense rating.
Wisdom: (INT) The more wise you are, the more efficient your spells are.
Courage: (SPEED) The more courageous you are, the better chance you have of landing a blow.

HP and MP are pretty self-explanatory. And Rupees are currency.

Battle Algorithms

Sword Attack
Damage = [(LINK ATK * COMBO)/2] - ENEMY DEF
Note: The Combo default is 2. As in, if you don't pull off a combo, the algorithm looks like this: Damage =LINK ATK - ENEMY DEF.

Bomb Attack

Damage = (LINK ATK*2) - ENEMY DEF
Note: In other words, it's two times Link's ATK minus the enemies defense. Obviously, this can be one of your most powerful weapons. But unlike the sword, it is ammo based.

Small/Big Arrow Attack
Damage = LINK ATK
Note: The arrows pierce defense. When enemies start getting higher DEF, the Arrow can be more useful. But equipping the bow does not raise your attack much, if at all. However, bows that require Big Arrow's do raise your attack more, but still not as much as a Bomb or Sword.

Magic Cane/Gust Cannon Attack
Damage = 0
Note: This two psuedo-weapons don't actually deal damage. Instead, they slow down your opponent or fade them away. Both weapons raise your SPEED a lot, so it's harder to get hit while trying to inflict such a status condition on your opponent.

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