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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Party Day 1: Screenshot Blitz!

As promised, the first day of festivities is a barrage of screenshots. As you can see, the map no longer has that old, almost faded look of Link to the Past. Now it features the much brighter feel of Minish Cap. And now for 11 screens and some commentary.

Click the image for a full-size view!

1:Link surrounded by... hay?
2:To find treasure, one must play hopscotch over water.

3:Don't stay underwater too long! Just look at how much your HP dropped!
4:The Slvr Sword! Can't wait to forge it into the Rzr!

5:Everyone knows Chain Chomps float over water.
6:A random Hylian Guard watches link solve the puzzle.

7:Yeah, we get it. Link's got hops.
8:Ah! The room radiates when a treasure is found.

9:Another pic showing off the uses of the Arbot's Bow.
10:Wait... you can pull stones now? Blasphemy!

11: And finallly, hit that switch!

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