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Monday, June 14, 2010

Download Page: Super Mario RPG - The Starlite Worlds

Release Trailer -

This is the official download post for all SMRPG:SW links.


Full Game: Media Fire Link (365 MB)

Current Version: 1.4.1

1.4.1 Fixes
- Additional location to find "Flower Saver" badge for Luigi
- Once the Pit of 100 Trials has been cleared, the floor can be chosen in subsequent attempts
- Typos
- Fixed confetti showing up
- POW DEF badge and POW SPC badge swaps are fixed
- Spots where you can't progress in Rosalina's Road Rage fixed

1.4.0 Fixes
- The tokens/coin exchange works.
- Game is open source

1.3.2 Fixes
- Mouse no longer affects selection in Menu (yay)
- TEC Minion of the Moment fixed again
- Tile passability fix in Meta City
- Bio Pirhana enemy in Lonestar Lands fixed
- Basic shops added to Stone Curd Ruins & Bowser Castle Escape chapter
- Enemies of Cheddar Desert and & Bowser Castle Escape chapter are slightly weaker
- Kammy's DEF slightly raised
- Kappin's DEF slightly raised
- Spinalots DEF slightly lowered and POW slightly raised
- Court Scene Typos fixed & other typos

1.3.1 Fixes
- Tile passability fix in Krawlin Caves
- Typo in hammer tutorial
- Rolling Billows air elevator fixed
- TEC comes online automatically after progressing past a certain point.
- Tose. T "whenever" typo
- Instructions for installing fonts added

1.3.0 Fixes
- Monster of the Month back online
- New Side Content Battle added

1.2.5 Fixes
- Typos
- D-Down Pound "Finish" for Mario
- Secret Boss's Death in battle is fixed
- Fixed battle song still playing after secret boss

1.2.4 Fixes
- Mario's Battle Stance takes 3 SP
- Edited Luck's Last Stand's, Critical Rush, Lucky Touch's, Final Strike, so they're not as cheap.
- Konnor Typo

1.2.3 Fixes
- Typos
- Rolling Billows cutscene glitch if return late in game.
- Final Strike does Criticals 60% of the time and costs 5 BP.
- "Splash Hammer Finish" fixed
- Wuzzel Woods blocks re-entry fixed.
- Safety Boots Badge for Mario gettable

1.2.2 Fixes
- Throne Room in Rolling Billows people and dialogue fixed.
- Numerous Typos fixed
- Escape Escape! and Fleet Feet badges fixed

1.2.1 Fixes
- Bug causing Combo Assist to give random states such as Paralyzed or Fainted.
- Bug when returning to two of the boss rooms in the Morterers and the KK Bases.
1.2 Fixes
- Passability error in West Cheddar Desert
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary (completely now)
- Fixed Mixing of Technical and Technical+ Ores
1.1 Fixes
- Metal Ore + Light Ore is fixed to make Glowing Metal Ore.
- Fixed being able to walk across a sand pathway in Cheddar Desert without hitting a switch.
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary.

You can redownload and just place your "Save01" file in the new folder.

Archive stuff...
Demo v2.02 (Single Download, no patching needed!)
Demo v 2.02 (207 MB) [SendSpace Link]
Demo v2.02 (207 MB) [4Shared Link]

OLD (Ignore everything here, this is just for archives sake):
Demo v1.1 (88 MB) [Mediafire Link]
Demo v1.1 to 2.02 Patch (130 MB) [Mediafire Link] [Fixed Link]
Missing Music File <-Download and extract this to the Audio/BGM folder after applying the patch.
*Audio (116 MB) [Mediafire Link]
*Extract the audio into the game folder before patching.

-Extract the demo to a folder called "Super Mario RPG The Starlite Worlds."  You may not be able to patch unless you name it that.
-Demo v1.1 saves WILL NOT WORK with any other versions. Delete them or move them out of the game folder.
-Download the base file (Demo v1.1) before applying the patch