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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages. From "Cancelled" to "Hiatus"

Yes, a while back I had decided to cancel one of my most ambitious projects to date, and since then have not done any work on it. My problem with SMRPG:SS was, just like with Zelda, there being too much coding of systems and what not and not enough making the actual game. Well, I decided to take care of that problem and I am pleased to announce that SMRPG:SS is no longer canceled. Thanks to the time hog that is Zelda, I still won't be able to work on it much so that's why I say "Hiatus."

But continuing this project means I have to get rid of some stuff to increase my chances of finishing it.

-Only Mario and Luigi can fight (Sorry, no Bowser, Geno, or Yoshi)

...Actually, that's about it. Without those dudes in the Battle System, it allows for an easier way to do "Bros. Combos" and less coding/spriting. Given what I had, it would be a stretch to incorporate those extra characters.


Anonymous said...

I am very excited about this, I do hope you will put a demo out soon even just too tease us, it looks amazing! you must have really worked hard =)

spider said...

Hey, I was wondering if I could help you make the game? i have skills. just tell me what to do. if you need my email, please tell me. then i will tell you my email.

Anonymous said...

Me he descargado el juego de Mario pero cuando pongo new game me pone no implementado.sabes porque?