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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

*Promotional Release* Zelda: CPW Beastiary

In honor of it's 500+ downloads and the upcoming version 2.0, U Division is proud to offer an early release of the Zelda Beastiary. The Legend of Zelda: Courage, Power and Wisdom is a game filled with many monsters, and for the enthusiasts I've created a beastiary for in depth information. Everything from the monsters' stats to their drop rates is contained in the beastiary. Basically, every thing you ever wanted to know about the enemies you'll no doubt have to chop down on your quest to save the princess. Go ahead and give it a downlaod now if you're itching to see, but CPW v2.0 will come with the beastiary included.

The Legend of Zelda: CPW Beastiary
  • All monsters found in Zelda: CPW
  • Detailed battle stats
  • Item drop rates and Rupee drop rates
  • Attacks, skill list and critical ratio
  • Pictures for every monster
  • *BONUS* Special promotional beastiary video!

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