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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Progress Report (C-Division)

C-Division here,

Back again with a little progress update. We've been doing a lot of work recently on Mario.

-We just finished the fourth sage. Game time now isn't accurate because of the amount of areas and sidequests we plan to add between the Sages. I, C-Divison, am programming the Main Story straight through and then we will go back and add all we intend to.

-Mario's suits' abilities are now all completed. There are seven suits for Mario and Luigi with mostly 2 extra skills. That equals a lot of long battle animations but it looks good. Luigi still has two more suits that need the skills to be made. Mr. L and Poltergust 3000 :).

-The battle system is complete and lacking only specific monster skills.

-Badges are complete.

-Earlier scenes of the game have been revamped to match the quality of the later scenes we've made. (Almost all the scenes shown demo are now at least a little better.)

-Surfing, Submarine, etc. Minigames have been completed and implemented to the Main story.

-Mario should be released at the very latest in summer. We should hopefully have it finished before then though.

These are some of the main points that we've done on Mario these past couple of months and it's coming along nicely. Any questions or concerns will be greatly appreciated.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You mention wanting to finish the game by summer, is there any chance for a new demo between now and the final release?