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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(Preview) Play To The Ground: Seven Sages Let's Play

Video (Preview):

I'm mulling over an idea to (finally) create an ICU Gigasoft play through of our games.  However, it'll have  a twist.  On the left side of the video will be footage of me (or cdivision) playing through one of our games.  On the right, however, commentary from us will pop up from time to time.  They will be about what's happening in the game, how we made stuff, why we did what we did, or other fun facts about the games development.

The first game on the list will be "Seven Sages," although I'm open to doing others (including unfinished projects) during the run through.

Here's a preview of how it will look.  Comments, feedback, and questions would be nice before I decide to continue or not.

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