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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Epic Paper Mario: Update #5

Enough with the ambiguious narration, it’s time for some gameplay.
The further you get into the tower, the more hazards and stronger enemies you’ll meet. But the payoff in increased stats and badges for Mario might just be worth it…

Because there is more emphasis on platforming here, Mario will need a little help. In Epic Paper Mario, since there are enemies that can be defeated in the field (the black/white and dotted ones) it makes sense that badges will be able to effect how Mario defeats the Dark Enemies. For instance, Spike Shield Badge will allow Mario to jump on Piranha Plants and the Buzz Saws, Ice Power will reduce the damage Mario takes from fallin in Lava to 0, and Pity Flower will work outside of Battle. This is true outside of the Tower as well.

Dark Enemies also have their own tricks. Dark Clefts have 1 DEF, so your normal jump won’t be able to beat them where as Hammers will. Conquering the Tower means mastering both the Stage and the Field.


Joshua Sprinkle said...

Hey, im a huge fan of paper mario games, so i was wondering if you needed beta testers?

U Division said...

Eventually, I will need beta testers. I haven't decided the timing yet, as I may have give beta testers access to a Tower of Infinite Trials Demo before a "real" demo.

However, that will most likely be handled through our official forums so you'd need to be a member to participate (as it would be a closed beta).

Joshua Sprinkle said...

Ok Cool, so how would i go about signing up for your official forums? I would really like to help.