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Monday, September 3, 2007

SPRG: Monster Tamers Battle System

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An important part of any RPG game (especially a Super Pocket one) is the battle system. For this, U Division has decided to use the very well done RTAB (Real-Time Active Battle) System programmed by the RPGXP genius, cogwheel. This kind of battle system means that your speed plays a greater role in deciding who attacks. Theoretically, you can attack your opponent over and over assuming your speed is that much higher than their's.

Of course, U Division simply doesn't import scripts and leave it at that. In addition to using this script, I've made some slight tweaks here and there to make it more unique for the game. Here a a list of features that are labeled with "Default RTAB" or "U Division Mod."

Battle Zoom "Default RTAB"
This neat feature does a little and a lot at the same time. Although it only zooms in and out on the selected targets, it also adds a more dynamic feel to the often static Battle Scene. This alone was one of the main reasons for using the RTAB.

Combinations Attacks "Default RTAB"
This feature is one of the coolest the RTAB has to offer. It may be a little hard to see in this animated GIF, but the Slime chooses "Gelly Glob" and the Hero chooses "Jab" which results in a powerful move called "Slime Slash." In addition to Tamer and Monster combos, there are Monster and Monster combos. For instance, get your Slime and Spotslime to use the trademark family skill Gelly Glob and the result will be the most powerful Slime-only attack in the game, "Gelly Flood."

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