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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

U Division Info

Welcome to U Division's Official Website!

What is U Division?

U Division is a part of the ICU Gigasoft game-making team. We create
games based on the "RPG Maker 2003" and "RPG Maker XP" software from
Enterbrian. The software belongs to them, but it allows us to make
games for free.

Are U Division Games Free? Please tell me they are!!!

Repeat, ALL U DIVISION GAMES ARE FREE. This is more of a hobby if
anything, so we do not seek to make a profit out of it. That is a
double edged sword, because at the same time there is no money to provide
the extra "motivation" to complete a game.

Um... do you have any completed games?

Do not worry, we plan on completing our current projects for you to play, or
at least arrive at the state where we can produce demos of our product.

Hey, how do I play these games?

In order to play the RPG Maker 2003 games, you will need to install "RPG
Maker 2003" on your computer. Sites such as
"RPG RPG Revolution" offer this
program, you can order it online.

What about RPG Maker XP?

That's the beauty of XP, you don't need to install anything but the game!

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