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Thursday, March 27, 2008

RPG Maker VX Impressions 2

I've decided to give VX a chance, but have yet to take it seriously at this point. At this time, I have no plans to make a game with it, but I could see myself using it in the future. The Majority of my interest in VX actually comes from a scripting group, KCG, that is quickly and efficiently producing customizable scripts that are extremely useful. Not only do they replace some of the missing features of VX, they add many RPG favorites (learning skills from weapons, leveling up skills, categorizing items, stat bonuses and so on) but they also invent their own. For this reason alone, I have interest in VX. At the moment I've only managed to horde some of their excellent work, but hopefully in the future I'll be able to put it to good use.


Algo said...

hmmmm... where can I fond those KCG Scripts?

U Division said...

You can find them here:

I don't think you have to be a member of the forum, but if you do it only takes 5 minutes to register. These are the translated versions as well.