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Friday, March 7, 2008

RPG Maker VX: What's the deal?

The leap between RM2k3 and RMXP was a huge one. Not all in a positive way, for us at ICU Gigasoft miss the efficient side view battle system of 2k3. But aside from that XP brought the power of scripting, and the limitless possibilities that came with it. But that was years ago. Now a new Maker has come into the spotlight. The problem is that it's not... new. Sure, it has RGSS2 but that's not a revolutionary advancement. Everything else about the maker gives us mixed feelings. The RTP and default graphics are a little odd, and the new mapping system can do more harm than good. Some of the functionality of 2k3 has been restored, but those aspects were minor at best. The lack of battlers is a further step down from XP and now seems like 2k. It's been interesting to play around with, but at this point I'm definitely not going to switch.

This is quite sad really. How can 2k3 still be worthwhile program when XP and now VX have come out? Is this a testament to the follies of Enterbrain? 2k3 still isn't obsolete after all this time, which is honestly pathetic. Oh well, there's not much to do. At least there is an RPG Maker to complain about.

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