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Monday, October 20, 2008

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages Demo... is coming!

C-Division, here!

I'm letting you faithful SMRPG:SS fans know that your 3 years of waiting is about to be rewarding. I've talked it over with U Division and we've decided that, heck, we might as well put out a demo. There's really been nothing stopping us from doing it before, and with my help there's definitely nothing in our way. In fact, we began checking for bugs and fixing them yesterday, to prepare the first part of the game for the public. Some time later this weeek, or even as early as tomorrow, we will release the Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages Demo (v1.0).

I wont' give it all away now, but here are some things that might interest you about it.
-U Division's Custom Menu is up and ready for the demo, although some parts of it are disabled.
-There are Bagdes, although different than Paper Mario's or Superstar Saga's.
-There is a Boss Battle in the demo.
-There is an easy side-quest you can find.
-Edit: The Arcade will be there! (You can play Super Mario Bros. EX)

The demo should have about a half hour of play, just enough for you guys to grasp the plot and experience it. Check back for more updates.

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