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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Epic Paper Mario - Alloy Mario Teaser

Introducing Alloy Mario!  With this Suit, Mario becomes stronger and heavier!  His weight will allow him to reach new places, and his alloy body makes him impervious to fire and spikes!

Game Info Page:


Trenton said...

Hi! I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions. I'm a huge fan of the jump-and-run Mario games, so these questions may seem laughable for someone who is seasoned in Paper Mario's turn-based combat. Please bear with me if they seem really stupid. Here goes:

1. Will the "Super Guard" move from PM2 be in this game, or will the player have to "budget" for a certain amount of damage to be taken from a tough enemy?

2. I noticed that you defeated a Goomba by jumping on it without using turn-based combat in a trailer. Will it be possible to defeat all enemies on the overworld, with turn-based combat serving as a more expedient and strategical way of ridding them, or can only weak enemies like Goombas be defeated on the overworld, with tougher foes requiring turn-based combat? Pretty much the only objection I have to turn-based combat is unavoidable damage, so I don't really mind either way in this situation.

See, pretty unusual, huh? Thanks for reading!

U Division said...


1. Currently, Super Guard works the same as it did in PM2. However, it uses the same button as the normal guard. This may be changed to having it's own button like in PM2.

2. Enemies that can be defeated on the overworld are the ones giving off the "weird" energy. All other enemies will start a turn based battle. It may end up that normal enemies can be defeated the same way with Bump Attack... but for the sake of differentiation Bump Attack and First Strike may be left out.

Thanks for the questions!

Trenton said...

Thanks and you're welcome!

1. Either way is a good idea to me.

2. I don't know if that's a good idea, because it seems a little half-hearted in the platformer gameplay to me. I'd suggest making "enemy stomping" a Star Power feature where you can jump on enemies, and if they are a good level below you, they are defeated. The gaining of more Stars or whatever would also make revisiting older areas less of a chore, as the enemies are both more vulnerable to a Star Stomp and you have more Star Power to spend.