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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bouken Battle System Update: Blocking

Now that I'm finally working on Daibouken again, I've been playing around with a couple of features for the famed Bouken Battle System. The main quesitons I've been dealing with are:

  • What aspects can I add that are enjoyable in other action RPG's?
  • What can I add that wouldn't be too ambitious (i.e. impossible)?
  • What can I add that will give it more of a Zelda feel?

Well, at this point there are still many possibilities in where I can take this Battle System. But recenlty, as the above picture shows, I've decided that blocking would be a good addition. Just like FFXII, blocking is automatic and it' s rate of success depends on your shield. This gives a good reason to have more types of sheilds, insead of Sheild A < B < C. One may provide little defense, but have a higher chance of blocking. (If you think about it, sheilds shouldn't give you ANY defense stats because it's either they hit the shield or hit you.)

So the list of confirmed Bouken Battle System features grows:
-Weapon Combos
-Over 15 different weapons in 5 categories
-Toggle-able Battle Log Box
-Conditions Zelda games never had (Poison, Confusion, etc)
-Experience Point Based Leveling up system
-And More!

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