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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It is here... Daibouken Feature Demo (v1.0)!!


I've shown screenshots, made videos, writen descriptions, you name it. But there's only one way to truly experience Daibouken... by playing it! However, you wont find the true glory that is Daibouken in this demo. I'm sorry, but not all of the wonderously cool features that make Daibouken worth playing are ready for their demo debue. It's sad, but this little 10 minute (I think) game is all I have to show you right now. However, all the features in the Demo are 100% complete.

But of course, there might be mistakes. Leave a comment in the comment section if you run into any bugs. However, do not post about the following:

-I jumped onto the red thing and he didn't bump me! (That's supposed to happen)
-I got burned by fire and didnt die! (This demo wasn't made to show off HP... that's mundane.)
-The narrator/instructor person is a complete jerk! (Well... uh... sorry.)

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