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Monday, January 29, 2007

For those of you who aren't into RPG's...

Daibouken Battle System: Non-Battle Log Video

At any point in teh game when your menu is accessible, you can choose for a message box to pop up and tell you how damage you've given/receiven. This is for those of you who like RPG's and numbers and are interested in how strong you are. Aslo, some weapons due different amounts of damage depending on you and your enemies stats. (i.e. Bombs are great against enemies with high defense, but against one with low defense your sword may be the same/better. The bow and arrow are weak, but they pierce through defense as well.)

However, U Division acknowledges those who favor more traditional gameplay. And that is why this option is included. However, it is still important for you sto see how much EXP and Rupees you get so that message is still left there.

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