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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Month in Review: January 07

As the tradition continues from the pre-blog U Division, at the beginning of every new month we will post the most important updates and downloads from the past month. It's basically the one stop place to shop instead of navigating to the rest of the website.

New/Edited iTems:
Bouken Battle System Page: New screen shots, new info
Feature Demo Page: Completely new page complete with screens and a download
Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Review: Info on a great GBA game


Daibouken Demo: Features Edition (v1.0)
Daibouken Battle System: Non-Battle Log Video
The Legendary Sword: Ultimate Combo Move

Progress Log: (Sorry, you can't turn this one off)
-Blocking system prototype coded
-All real-time weapon changing completely coded
-3 New spells added to Link's arsenal, as opposed to having 0.
-Non-real-time weapon changing in the CMS is 100% complete
-CMS (Custom Menu System) redesigned for better legibility
-OSM (On Screen Menu) updated to show currently equipped weapon

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