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Monday, February 26, 2007

Bouken Battle System: The First Boss!

Ever since I started the ambitious idea of the Bouken Battle System, I knew that I'd someday have to face the task of creating a boss. Like in any other Zelda game, the boss is not usually defeated by hacking and slashing. Often times you need a special weapon, or a certain combination of actions before he is vulnerable to damage. With those thoughts in mind, yesterday I started work on the programming of the first boss. I don't want to give much away yet, but let's just say it's coming along really nicely. There's a bit of puzzle involved with it, but the majority is, of course, fighting. But one thing you'll find fighting (and beating) this boss in Daibouken that you wont' find in any other Zelda: the satisfaction of knowing that fighting all the monsters before him actually made you stronger!

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